artists of residence

Cosan Gui

cosan gui is an artist, activist, and philosopher who found museum of unconscious rituals in 2015. he has never studied at any educational institutions before. as he is solely focused on conceptual and metaphysical arts which cannot be visualized, materialized, or even verbalized, it is extremly hard for audiences to experience his artworks.

Chan Young Park

chan young park is a graphic designer, computer programmer, and visual artist based on Maryland. he joined museum of unconsicious rituals in 2015, and is a tenure member of the museum. park’s works are majorly based on ironies and absurdities and surprise audienecs in a peculiar way. he often utilizes graphic design and interactive computer programming as platforms of his artworks. he received his BFA from School of Visual Arts in 2013.

Kyungpill Yoon

Kyungpill Yoon is a designer who is specialized in Branded Retail Environments and commercial design. Specialties of Kyungpill Yoon are a retail space and event design (promotional product launches), 2D and 3D environment rendering, virtual reality design, POP display Design, Merchandising Units & in-store fixture Design, Branding (Brand Identity, Products, Packaging Design).