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Yellow Pencil

5999-0514-Yellow Pencil-03

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This is a typical yellow pencil that is used everywhere. It is one of twelve, from a standard pencil set. Nine of them are still new. The exact time and place they were discovered is completely forgotten; however, best estimates show that the set was purchased from a local store in Seoul, South Korea, sometime between 2007 and 2010. Why it was originally purchased is not known as well. One might assume the owner purchased it because he loved the tiny red eraser at the end. In fact, the owner had a hard time sharpening it the first time; he felt guilty ruining the pure beauty of the object. Most people said it was just a pencil though.

  • artist Chan Young Park
  • year created 2015
  • medium wood, graphite, metal, and rubber on digital canvas
  • permanent collection of mour

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